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Couple Therapy Session

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy is conducted by a trained professional therapist to help a person work through challenges in their life. We understand that people go through both minor and life consuming events or challenges and we are here to help. Therapy can also be of benefit to anyone, at any point in your life as a "tune-up" for your mental health and overall wellness. Individual therapy typically follows a process where an assessment is completed during the first session to determine the nature of the problem and then a plan for services is developed. This plan will have goals and objectives that will address your specific needs. The duration of therapy will vary depending on what your needs are. You and your therapist will work together to decide what will be best for you.  Once this is developed, a therapeutic rapport will be establishsed between you and your therapist. This relationship is the foundation of therapy that creates an air of trust that allows for treatment to progress in a more successful manner.

Your therapist will help you:

*Identify Healthy Coping Strategies: These strategies may be things that have helped you in the past or it may be redifining new ones in order for you to be successful in symptom resolution or management.

*Find Balance: Life can be chaotic.  This chaos can sometimes lead to problems because of an unrealistic expectation you may place on yourself or others.  We work on developing skills to manage the chaos and rearrange priorities to create a sense of balance.

*Improve communication skills, gain empathy, learn conflict resolution and problem solving skills, identify strengths and successes, and more.

Commonly used therapeutic models include:

1.  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
2.  Behavioral Therapy
3.  Trauma Focused - Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
4.  Play Therapy
5.  Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
6.  Solution Focused Therapy
7.  Narrative Therapy
8.  Reality Therapy