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Couple Therapy Session

Marital, Couples & Family Therapy

Families and couples are groups of people who form unique dynamics, systems and structures.  In a healthy family or interpersonal system, there is cooperation, mutual respect, "fair fighting", and healthy conflict resolution skills.  However, when the system or structure becomes out of balance, it can create issues such as distance, arguments and separation if not resolved in a healthy way.  We work to improve relationships and assist you in learning how to communicate and problem solve effectively. Some of the common reasons people seek marital, couples or family therapy are: parenting challenges, differences of opinion, conflict, substance use, infidelity, feeling incompatible, blended family struggles, divorce, loss of a family member or loved one, differing morals or values, and more. 
Here are some of the areas we can provide help:

• defining unclear or conflicting rules, roles and expectations;

• wanting clearer, direct and more compassionate communication;

• intergenerational pain around grief, transition and loss;

• patterns of managing and resolving conflict;

• parenting styles and helpful discipline;

• issues arising from the blending of families;

• marriage counseling and relationship repair; and

• better emotional connection between and among family members