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Substance Use Services & DUI Program

Alliance Counseling Associates is licensed by the Kentucky Office of Inspector General as an Alcohol and Other Drug Entity and is certified as a DUI program by the Division of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services.  We provide substance use counseling as well as DUI assessments, outpatient group and Prime for LIfe (PRI) drug and alcohol education groups.

If you’ve been convicted of a DUI, Alliance Counseling Associates can help you.

Kentucky state law requires that any person convicted of a DUI MUST obtain an assessment and complete the treatment determined by the assesor. Alliance’s Driving Under the Influence Alcohol & Drug Program’s mission is to provide quality alcohol and drug assessment, education and treatment services to persons convicted of Driving Under the Influence. \ We also focus our efforts on those who are simply struggling with alcohol, drug abuse or dependence issues in order to make healthier choices amd change their behavior. By intervening through counseling, the goal is to stop people from engaging in activities that place themselves and others at risk. To meet the diverse needs of our clients, our staff utilizes a variety of techniques – not a one size fits all approach.  We offer a non-judgmental atmosphere that recognizes that people are the ultimate experts on their lives.

The process after you receive a DUI:

*Call to schedule an appointment for an assessment

*The assessment will be conducted and then our staff will assist you in enrolling in the appropriate service recommended by the assesor.

*Attend the services recommended by your assessor.  For example: Outpatient Group, PRI, etc.

*Once you have completed the recommended service, we will submit the paperwork in order for you to get your license back.

Substance Use & DUI Services Rates
DUI Assessments ~ $50.00
PRI Classes ~ $35.00 per class or $245.00 for the 7 week series
Outpatient Group ~ $20.00 per class
Individual Sessions ~ $75.00