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The BETAR Sound Massage

Are you ready to reduce your stress? How about reduce pain? Picture lying on a dual-density memory foam mattress while an array of speakers focused along the midline of the body allows you to literally feel music as the sound waves pulse through you in complete comfort.  This experience equates to an internal sound massage with highly therapeutic value for both adults and children. 

Stress and pain are both aspects of everyones life and can range from minor to severe. We have a service that can target both stress and pain! It's called vibroacoustic therapy. Vibroacoustic therapy is the combination of the physical vibrations of music and the vibration of pulsed low-frequency tones. Vibroacoustic therapy is conducted using a BETAR table. BETAR is an acronym for Bio-Energetic Transduction Aided Resonance.  BETAR tables provide a wide range of therapeutic value to the mind and body.  For this reason they are used in mental health practices, hospitals, chemotherapy clinics and beyond.  Come enjoy relaxation and other benefits like you have never experienced before!

Benefits of the BETAR table:                           
  • Stress Management
  • Relaxation
  • Sensory Grounding 
  • Pain Management

How does the BETAR table work?

There are 10 speakers on the table that line your spine and target your seven energy centers also known as "chakras" that pulsate with the music of your choosing. The music can range from calm and peaceful to a stronger beat of drums and horns. You can literally feel all the instruments and beats when you are on the table. Chakra means energy wheel which is an invisible energy center in the body that correlates with different aspects of who we are as people.

7 ~ Crown Chakra - Spiritual
6 ~ Third Eye - Perception

5 ~ Throat - Expression
4 ~ Heart - Love
3 ~ Solar Plexus - Power
2 ~ Sacral - Sex
1 ~ Root - Survival   

We have a BETAR Table in both our Glasgow and Bowling Green office locations.


30 minutes ~ $10.00
45 minutes ~ $15.00
60 minutes ~ $20.00

*Buy a package of 6 sessions and get one FREE*