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Hi! I'm Nikki Chapman, CSW

My curiosity about the factors that shape our behavior has driven my personal journey. I highly recommend the book “Why Do I Do That?” by Joseph Borgo. My goal has been to enhance my self-awareness and emotional intelligence, and this transformative journey has been deeply rewarding. Additionally, I find that drawing and painting are very relaxing for me, allowing me to refocus and be at my best for my clients. I believe we should strive to be an unstoppable force for good in a world that often resists change. -Nikki

Nikki's Purpose Statement: Unveiling Her "Why" as a Therapist

I have always had an interest in helping others to help themselves for positive change and outcomes. My own curiosity about what makes each of us behave as we do has been the catalyst in my journey? Over the years I have learned that many people have no one that truly hears them and we all need to be heard. We all have areas in our lives that could use a little work or just a polish. Helping others find ways to solve their problems is my passion. -Nikki Chapman, CSW


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A Behind-the-Scenes Look at my Experience as a Therapist

I like to review, briefly, the information I had about who I was seeing. Make sure my office space is comfortable. I don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable, judged, or in a powerless position. My intent is to create a collaborative environment that all feel comfortable in. -Nikki Chapman, CSW

A Memorable Success Story

I have worked in many settings. In the most recent I assisted a woman regain her autonomy by having a guardianship assignment reversed, giving her back her independence. She was able to regain her independence and return to living within the community instead of a facility. -Nikki

Maintaining Balance: How I Prioritize Well-Being to Serve Clients, Myself, and My Family

Setting boundaries such as a schedule is the first thing I do. Ensuring I have enough time to complete my work and time for personal interest. Practicing stress management through self awareness. Taking breaks, getting away from my desk for a quick lap around the building or short meditation session. And of course remaining flexible with both my personal and work life. Things come up and I have to meet my own needs before I can be there for anyone else. -Nikki Chapman, CSW

Nikki is Here to Help

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