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Hi! I'm Denise Champagne, LCSW

What I enjoy about working with my clients is seeing them work toward a life worth living. Everyone is doing the best they can with where they are at and seeing them thrive and actively participating in their life is so rewarding. Thinking that I may have had a small part with them taking their life back is priceless. -Denise

Denise's Purpose Statement: Unveiling Her "Why" as a Therapist

My family taught me that relationships/connections are the most important part of life. Everyone needs to feel seen, heard, understood, and safe. Life is not easy and comes with it's difficulties. Even though some individuals have more opportunities and support than others, we all need to feel connected and valued. 
-Denise Champagne, LCSW


Bowling Green and Telehealth

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EMDR, DBT informed, CBT, SOTP


Medicaid, Selfpay, Commercial, Medicare

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at my Experience as a Therapist

In my practice, I make connection a priority as we navigate through life experiences and move to a new chapter with the help of DBT informed skills and EMDR. I believe in these therapeutic techniques because people grow and move on with their life. 
-Denise Champagne, LCSW

A Memorable Success Story

Every successful story is memorable. The best feeling is when any client expresses that they are healing, growing, and their trauma is no longer dictating their life.  -Denise

Maintaining Balance: How I Prioritize Well-Being to Serve Clients, Myself, and My Family

In addition to my passion for providing resources for my clients to heal, my family is my primary focus. We live on a little homestead with a variety of animals that currently include goats, chickens, and pigs with the hope to continue adding more. I practice DBT skills daily myself including mediation and mindfulness.   - Denise, LCSW

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