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Mission-Driven Mental Health Careers with Alliance

At Alliance Counseling, we're on a mission to fill the gaps in mental healthcare with prompt, accessible, and personalized services. Join our purpose-driven team, dedicated to excellence in making a tangible difference in people’s lives every day.

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Mission-Driven Mental Health Careers

At Alliance Counseling, we're on a mission to fill the gaps in mental healthcare with prompt, accessible, and personalized services. Join our purpose-driven team!

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Alliance Needs You! Be Part of Our 48-Hour Mental Health Access Goal

We believe that good mental health can't wait!

By joining our dedicated team, you help us provide critical support swiftly, ensuring that anyone in need receives an appointment within 48 hours. We know this won't happen overnight, but together, we can and will bridge the gap in prompt mental healthcare!


Alliance Needs You! Be Part of Our 48-Hour Mental Health Access Goal

We believe that good mental health can't wait!

By joining our dedicated team, you help us provide critical support swiftly, ensuring that anyone in need receives an appointment within 48 hours. We know this won't happen overnight, but together, we can and will bridge the gap in prompt mental healthcare!


We're Growing Our Team With The Right People So We Can Achieve Our Mission

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Alliance's Mission

At Alliance Counseling, we are dedicated to achieving excellence in outpatient mental health care. We provide prompt, easy-to-access, and personalized services because good mental health can't wait. Our commitment to excellence in client care, staff well-being, and stigma reduction ensures superior care and a better quality of life for our clients and staff.

Our Mission is simple yet impactful and we believe it 110%.

Team Testimonials

Team Testimonials

Enhancing Mental Health Care Through Dedicated Employment Practices

At Alliance Counseling, we recognize that our therapists and support staff are as crucial to our mission as the foundation is to a building, meaning they're absolutely essential — not temporary visitors like a plumber fixing a leaky toilet! It's clear to us that mental health professionals can't possibly be considered independent contractors and peripheral to our practice. Unlike plumbers, who are called in for specific, short-term fixes, our dedicated team is the backbone of our daily operations, providing continuous, crucial support and care to our clients. They're not here to just stop a drip; they're the heart of the practice, pumping life into our mission to enhance mental health care.

Salary & Hourly Options for Therapists

$44k - $62k+ per year | $38-$52 per hour

Sign-On Bonuses for Critically Needed Positions

  • Full-Time Employment Options
  • Part-Time Employment Options (minimum of 10 weekly hours)
  • Office Based & Telehealth Options Available
  • Licensure Supervision
  • Professional Growth Opportunities
  • Evidence-Based Training: Get Certified in EMDR, Accelerated Resolution Therapy, Play Therapy, Grief Recovery and more!
  • Full Case Loads
  • Focus on Personalized, Prompt and Easy-to-Access Care for Clients
  • Focus on Burnout Prevention and Compassion Fatigue for Employees
  • Up to 4 Weeks PTO (you earn PTO at as little as 10 clinical hours per week for part-time employees!)
  • Aflac Policy OR a Mental Health EAP Option
  • Quarterly Bonus Opportunities for Hourly Employees
  • No Show | Late Cancellation Compensation for Hourly Employees
  • Intranet Full of Clinical Resources
  • Therapy and Other Client-Facing Supplies Available for you
  • Company-Sponsored CEU Trainings (available later in 2024)
  • Excellent On-the-Job Training for New and Experienced Professionals
  • Vision Driven & Innovative
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Other Careers At Alliance

Salary & Hourly Options

Supervisory | Client-Facing | Admin Positions

  • LCSW-S and LPCC-S Licensing Supervisors
  • Personalized Intake Therapists
  • Targeted Case Managers
  • Human Resources | Credentialing
  • Office Management
  • Billing Professionals
  • Interns

*Hiring for these positions are on an as-needed basis and may not currently be available.

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Questions About Employment?

We're here to help! If you have questions before applying or if you'd like to be considered for future job openings, please fill out the form below. We look forward to connecting with you.

Join a Team Committed to Excellence

At Alliance Counseling Associates, we're not just growing our team; we're elevating it.

We are looking for people who not only excel—whether in specific evidence-based practices, modalities, documentation standards, or supervision—but also those who are driven to become excellent. If you're passionate about showing up every day to do and be your best, and are committed to contributing to a team that prioritizes exceptional client care through outstanding performance and continuous improvement, we want to hear from you!

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Why We Offer PTO When Other Practices Don't

We recognize that providing Paid Time Off (PTO) is a significant investment, but we firmly believe it's essential for fostering a sustainable and fulfilling work environment. Unlike many practices that may not offer PTO, we see it as a critical component to prevent burnout and compassion fatigue among our therapists. Our commitment to your health and well-being is paramount, which is why we've integrated the Anti-Burnout Equation™ into our operational philosophy.

Originated by our founder, Erin Purcell, LMFT, the Anti-Burnout Equation™ emphasizes three critical components: Responsibilities, Rest, and Rejuvenation. This trademarked framework was designed to support the well-being of our therapists by ensuring they have ample time for personal care alongside professional responsibilities. Alliance supports that by providing second-to-none PTO for our staff.

  • Responsibilities: We understand that life’s daily necessities, such as hair appointments, grocery shopping, or attending to personal matters, need attention too. Our 4 or 4.5 day full-time workweek gives you the time to manage these responsibilities without the pressure of squeezing them into a busy 5-day work schedule.

  • Rest: To maintain your best self, both personally and as a mental health professional, having two days off per week allows you the essential downtime to rest and play. This regular disconnection helps keep your work fresh and your mind sharp.

  • Rejuvenation: We encourage taking four weeks off each year to fully rejuvenate. Ideally this is done once per quarter. Our generous PTO Policy allows for this extended time away from work. This is vital to disconnect, enjoy leisure activities, and return with renewed energy and perspectives.

Future Benefits at Alliance: We Need You!

At Alliance Counseling Associates, we're positioning ourselves to offer substantial benefits, including comprehensive health insurance and a retirement plan 401(k). These benefits will activate as our team grows—40 full-time clinicians for health insurance and 65 full-time employees for retirement plans!

Joining our team not only means participating in a supportive and progressive work environment but also playing a crucial role in achieving these collective goals. Together, we can create a future where our commitment to the well-being and financial security of each team member is as strong as our dedication to the clients we serve. We believe that by growing our team, we can enhance our capacity to provide high-quality mental health services and secure benefits that support both your professional journey and personal aspirations. Your role with us is more than a job—it's a partnership in making a meaningful impact on the lives of many while securing your own future. Join us, and together, we can achieve more!

Countdown to Health Insurance Coverage

Road to 40 Full-Time Clinicians by November 15, 2024

Join us on our journey to make a significant impact! As Alliance Counseling Associates aims to offer comprehensive health insurance by January 1st, 2025, our goal is to expand our team to 40 full-time clinicians by November 15th, 2024. With this milestone, we will be able to cover 50% of the health insurance premium for our full-time team members. Each new clinician not only brings us closer to this goal but enhances our ability to provide supportive care for our community and each other. We are excited to grow our team and enhance our services to provide appointments within 48 hours and we need dedicated professionals like you to join us. Be part of a change that benefits all—apply today and help us meet our goal!

July 1st, 2024: CURRENT FULL-TIME CLINICIANS = 19 | 21 Needed

# will be updated monthly
2.5 part-time clinicians = 1 full-time clinician









Join the Team!

Why Join the Alliance Counseling Team?

Let Us Count The Ways 🌟

At Alliance, we're not just a workplace; we're a community passionately dedicated to mental wellness. We are striving to have a unique culture that is built on a foundation of anti-burnout and compassion fatigue prevention, ensuring our team remains energized and empathetic. We prioritize client-centered care, making mental health treatment truly personalized, accessible, and stigma-free. We understand the urgency of mental health support, committed to achieving our goal of connecting individuals with care within 48 hours of their request. 

Our commitment to professional growth is unmatched. Later in 2024, we will offer a plethora of CEU trainings for ongoing education, covered fully by us, ensuring you're always up to date and confident in your skills as a mental health professional. We additionally provide a sponsored contract to train you in evidence-based practices such as EMDR, Accelerated Resolution Therapy, Play Therapy and more to ensure that you're at the forefront of the field. New hires receive robust onboarding training, guaranteeing everyone is confident and well-supported from day one.

Innovation is at the heart of our practice; we continuously strive to provide the highest quality of client care. Guided by our mission and values, we seek individuals who are not only skilled but also genuinely aligned with our culture. To support work-life balance, we promote a 4 or 4.5 day workweek and provide 4 weeks of PTO annually, because we believe well-rested individuals deliver the best care. Additionally, our  team has strategic plans to bring health insurance and retirement planning in the future.

Joining Alliance means becoming part of a forward-thinking team that truly values each member's contribution and well-being. We're looking for the right-fit people to join us in making a difference, one life at a time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do these speak to you? Apply today!

Do these speak to you? Apply today!