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Hi! I'm Nicole Crain, LCSW

With extensive experience in supporting individuals facing anxiety, depression, grief, and trauma, I am committed to providing compassionate care. Outside of work, I find joy in spending time with my family. I'm a lover of games in all forms, from board games to card games, even venturing into the realm of role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons. With a heart dedicated to animal rescue and a penchant for karaoke, I draw upon my personal experiences and familial insights to empower individuals to conquer their challenges and thrive. -Nicole

Nicole's Purpose Statement: Unveiling Her "Why" as a Therapist

My decision to become a therapist has been deeply motivated by my family's history of mental illness and substance abuse. Growing up amidst these challenges, I witnessed firsthand the impact they had on my loved ones and our family dynamics. This experience instilled in me a profound empathy and a desire to help others navigate similar struggles. My journey into therapy is not just a profession but a personal mission rooted in the understanding that healing and support can make a profound difference in people's lives. -Nicole Crain, LCSW



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Advanced CBT, Trauma-Informed Mindfulness


Medicaid, Selfpay, Commercial, Medicare

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at my Experience as a Therapist

Nora Ephron once said, "Above all, be the heroine of your life, not the victim." I'm a firm believer in this philosophy. As for my approach, I'm fond of employing a range of mindfulness techniques. Their adaptability to diverse situations is truly remarkable, and I value the flexibility they offer in addressing various challenges. -Nicole Crain, LCSW

A Memorable Success Story

My greatest successes are when clients are able to take control of their lives and move forward in a way that is meaningful for them. Fortunately, I have seen that success story many times, in the past ten years that I have been a therapist. -Nicole

Maintaining Balance: How I Prioritize Well-Being to Serve Clients, Myself, and My Family

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is essential for my mental health and my ability to be at my best for clients. Here are some of the ways that I achieve this: define my priorities, set clear boundaries, schedule regular breaks, delegate and prioritize tasks, communicate with my clients, practice self-care activities (such as reading, crocheting, or meditation), learn to say no, create and nurture a support system, reflect and adjust. At the end of the day, I like to unwind with a crochet project, a dog on my lap, and a good audiobook or true crime podcast.  
-Nicole, LCSW

Nicole is Here to Help

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