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Hi! I'm Cindy Meadows, LPCC

I've been involved in the mental health field since 2005, gaining experience in case management, residential treatment, and in-patient settings. My passion lies in assisting children, adolescents, and adults through trauma, with a special focus on children with special needs. Outside of work, I find joy in soap making, gardening, and indulging in the harmonies of classical music. As an early riser, I kickstart my day by reviewing my schedule, mentally preparing for each session, and setting intentions for what I hope to achieve. -Cindy

Cindy's Purpose Statement: Unveiling Her "Why" as a Therapist

My journey into counseling began when my daughter was diagnosed with mental illness. Being able to contribute to the road to recovery brings me immense fulfillment and purpose. -Cindy Meadows, LPCC


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Medicaid, Selfpay, Commercial, Medicare

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at my Experience as a Therapist

Using EMDR has been incredibly rewarding due to the profound transformations witnessed in my clients. It's been a journey of personal growth as well, learning to accept that I can't desire change more than the individual themselves. Recognizing that we're all works in progress has been a valuable lesson behind the scenes of my practice. -Cindy Meadows, LPCC

A Memorable Success Story

I'll never forget the journey of a child grappling with severe PTSD, whose aggression toward herself and others was a daily struggle. After two years of dedicated support within the program I served, receiving a call from her announcing her enrollment in college to pursue a career as a therapist was truly heartwarming and unforgettable. -Cindy

Maintaining Balance: How I Prioritize Well-Being to Serve Clients, Myself, and My Family

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is crucial for me to uphold my mental well-being and be fully present for my clients. I prioritize routines and structure in my daily life to ensure that I have dedicated time for work, self-care, and leisure activities. This allows me to recharge and stay grounded, which ultimately enables me to show up as my best self in sessions with my clients. By establishing clear boundaries and incorporating regular routines into my schedule, I can effectively manage stress and maintain a healthy balance between my professional and personal life. - Cindy Meadows, LPCC

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