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Hi! I'm Melynda Amorim, LCSW

Having grown up in a family where mental health was frequently discussed, I discovered comfort in introspection, echoing the experience of Jane Austen's character in "Mansfield Park". Self-exploration and healing is crucial in the journey of mental health and ultimately led me to become the therapist that I am today.

Melynda's Purpose Statement: Unveiling Her "Why" as a Therapist

My decision to become a therapist was fostered by my parents being a psychiatric nurse and a teacher. I was raised in an environment where mental health was a common topic of conversation and this awareness, as well as personal experiences, led me to want to help guide and support individuals towards healing, resilience and self-discovery.  -Melynda Amorim, LCSW


Bowling Green and Telehealth

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Medicaid, Selfpay, Commercial, Medicare

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at my Experience as a Therapist

I’m a mother to four amazing kids. My perspective on life has been uniquely impacted by moving frequently and experiencing living on both coasts and several places in the middle. I love to travel, camp and read on my kindle. -Melynda Amorim, LCSW

A Memorable Success Story

All progress made is a success, it's a big deal. It's like adding another special moment to our journey together, making our achievements stronger and more meaningful.

Maintaining Balance: How I Prioritize Well-Being to Serve Clients, Myself, and My Family

I prioritize my family, focusing on making memories and spending quality time. I take breaks when I need them and focus on maintaining strong friendships. Coffee is a necessity, music for winding down, journaling for self-reflection and reading for self-care. -Melynda Amorim, LCSW

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